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Double Block of Walk In Plastic Insulated Dog Kennels with Runs


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Double Block of Walk In Plastic Insulated Dog Kennels with Runs

Made from composite panels which are fully insulated our Double Block of Plastic Thermal Walk in Dog Kennels has a plastic outer layer sandwiches polystyrene to make the panels which are then capped with aluminum to create a secure and robust structure. These panels are very easy to clean, wipe down and disinfect allowing you to maintain a hygienic dog cabin with the minimum of effort. The flooring is made from phenolic coated board which are non-stick and scratch resistant. Over all the ultimate in hygienic dog kennels.

Our full height walk in plastic dog kennels are perfect for any size of dog. The door can be pinned back with a hook and eye. You can also choose to add an opening or fixed window anywhere on the kennel. All of the surfaces are easy to wipe down and clean, either use a hose pipe or pressure washer for a really thorough clean.

Please contact us if you would like a slightly different sized kennel or any alterations to our standard design. We also do totally bespoke designs so if you are looking for something totally different then let us know.

We do a standard size run with this kennel of 1.5m x 1.5m, this comes with a roof over the run part. The run is made from galvanised metal 5cm bar panel and solid white side and end panels as standard with one full height opening door into the run.

We can also provide different galvanised run panels such as ¾ height solid galvanised panels, solid white panels, solid white and galvanised mix panels and galvanised mesh panels too, so please get in touch with us if you would like a run other than our standard one.

This Kennel Setup Includes:

  • 2 x 1m×1.5mx2m insulated walk in kennel total area at 1500mm x 5050mm
  • solid full height door for kennel access
  • opening window in kennel door
  • sliding dog hatch from kennel to run with pulley operation from outside the run
  • 1.5×1.5m run areas with solid white back panel, solid white end panel and 1.5m 5cm bar gate panel to the front.
  • solid white infill facia panels around run area
  • optional floor in run


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